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Thrify Business

now that's thrifty!

thrifty business
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This community is maintained by Mollie, (goodbyegraysky) , and Meg, (except_me) .

This community is for all things: random, cute, ridiculous, old, shitty, etc. that you find while thrifting. Post pics of your finds or tell stories of your searches. You can also tell accounts of shady characters that you've met, and post pictures of unknown people wearing funny outfits.

Rules: Be crazy, not critical. Be creative, not mean. Most importantly; Be an ass, not an asshole.

A little Info about the moderators: We've spent many summer days at The Salvation Army. We've tried on everything from little boy's T-shirts to Prom Gowns. We've purchased ridiculous things we have no use for, like purple dinosaur tea pots - And now we want to see what you've picked up.

"tell all your friends to join, kids."